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Please give a detailed description of the services you are needing so we can schedule your free consultation. I look forward to working with you!

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  • What can I expect from an organization session?
    No matter the space you are needing organized (closet, playroom, home office, etc.), we will first discuss your concerns and requests. When we begin your session we will remove all items for your space and access the volume, discarding items no longer serving you, and then create a practical, sustainable system of organization as we return your items to their new space. Be prepared for your area to get messy before it gets tidy! IIt will be worth it! Before and After photos will be taken to track progress and show the transformation.
  • What can I expect from an interior style session?
    This can vary based on your wants and desires! Every clients session looks different and is completed in different durations. PHASE 1 | To begin, we will discuss your color palette, style preferences, things that inspire you, and what you invision for your space. Have no clue? I can help! PHASE 2 | A customized design board will be given via email where you'll get a glimpse of how your space will look! Once approved, the styling will begin. PHASE 3 | Next, shopping! Desired decor will be purchased. Links can be sent to you for you to order, or I can purchase them and be reimbursed. Typically, both occur. PHASE 4 | Lets decorate! If any painting is needed, we will do this first, then begin installing light fixtures, decor, wall art, furniture, etc. My goal is to make sure you love your space; although decorating can be stressful, my goal is to walk through it together and make sure you are happy with the results!
  • What is the KonMari® Method?
    Certified KonMari Consultants are professional tidying experts (trained by Marie Kondo & Co.) to help people organize their homes – and transform their lives – using the KonMari Method®. We organize clients surroundings, also known as a 'Tidy Festival' and as a result, bring more joy into their lives. What started out as a best selling book 'The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up' has turned into a global movement of people ready to take their lives back and #sparkjoy ! This involves accessing items by catergory in your entire space and invisioning what your life could look like beyond the clutter. From there, your TIDY FESTIVAL will begin! There are FIVE catergoies to the life-changing KonMari® method. 1. clothing 2. books 3. paper 4. komono (miscellaneous items) 5. sentimental items Are you ready to spark joy?
  • How much will my investment be?
    Consultations are always free! Click on "book now" to see packages offered. Have a question? Please go to the contact tab regarding services or budget.
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